Get to Know me!

Good Afternoon Everyone! I know I have not gotten a lot of content up yet but I wanted you all to get to know me a little bit better. Keep reading to learn some fun stuff!


Where am I from?

I grew up in both Bend, OR for most of my childhood and then moved to Issaquah, WA when I was going into middle school. But I still spend a lot of time down in Bend!

Am I still in college?

Yes! I will be graduating in December with a double major in Advertising and Risk & Crisis Communication

What do I spend my free time doing?

I send a lot of time on Pinterest! It is such a fun way to make a bunch of little mood board of things you are loving.

What is my favorite song?

I wouldn’t say I have a favorite song but I am really loving the new Ariana Grande thank u, next album

How do I travel so much?

Most of my travel during the school year is too and from home which is a relatively inexpensive flight. I find that the key to traveling is to plan in advance and be flexible. If you book far enough out you can typically find pretty decently priced flights!

What is something I am scared of?

This is pretty lame but I am super scared of spiders!

What is something I am proud of?

My freshman year of college was really difficult for me and I really struggled to get through it and actually ended up having to withdraw from a class which set me behind but I came out on top and will be graduating a semester early!

What is something I am trying to do more of?

I am really trying to read more. Over the summer I read the Crazy Rich Asians series and absolutely fell in love! Since then I have wanted to read more and more because I realized how much I like it. I do struggle trying to find time to read while balancing classes and homework which is what I am really trying to get better at!

What makes me happy?

If I am ever in a slump I always go on Pinterest and look at cute animals and I almost always feel better!

Thanks for getting to know me!


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