The One-Week Clean Eating Challenge

Good Morning! Do you ever just feel blah and down when all you do is eat foods you know aren’t good for you? I do too! I am going to share with you the new, one – week clean eating detox my best friend and I started doing. First let me give you a little background!

I live with my best friend of 10 years! Crazy, right?! The thing is, we love bread. In a typical week we have baguette sandwiches for dinner probably five out of seven days. To give you an idea of why we do this I am going to give you a little more background.

The summer going into our sophomore year of college, we had the opportunity to go to Europe together where we fell in love with Europeans love for baguette sandwiches. Anyway since then nearly 2 years have passed and we are still loving our baguette sandwiches more than ever. Our love for bread is what ultimately inspired us to do one – week of clean eating every month. As we are quickly approaching our next week of clean eating, I wanted to share with you some of our favorite things to make!

Now when some people think of clean eating, they think of eating raw which would restrict you to only fruits and veggies. Our take on clean eating is that we can eat anything we want if it is not processed or from a package! Sounds easy right? Well sometimes it can be challenging to find inspiration so I’m sharing with you some of our favorites! Also remember to never be to hard on yourself and do your best!


Potato Hash and Egg

What you’ll need:

2 Russet Potato’s peeled and diced

½ red bell pepper

½ orange bell pepper

¼ avocado to top

2 eggs cooked to your liking

To make this I just put a decent amount of avocado oil in a pan. I first cook my potato’s, so they are just about medium soft and then I throw in the bell peppers to soften. Once your bell peppers are soft and your potato’s start to brown then set them aside

I like my eggs over easy, so I just put about a tablespoon of avocado oil in a nonstick pan on medium heat and cook my eggs. I wait for the whites to look almost all the way cooked before flipping and then once I flip them, I only leave them to cook for around 30 seconds (I just don’t like there to be anything gooey).

I plate about 3/4 cup of the potato, bell pepper mixture onto a plate and then place my egg on top. I then finish it off with ¼ an avocado!

**I love to make a big serving of this because I don’t mind reheating the potato, bell pepper mixture for another day or two during my clean eating week.


Homemade Acai Bowl

I would say that this homemade acai bowl is definitely a cheat meal, but I still consider it to be healthy!

What you’ll need:

1 Trader Joes Frozen Acai Pack

1 ½ cup of frozen barriers

1 – 1 ½ cups of unsweetened original almond milk

** It is important to watch how much milk you are adding because you don’t want it to become watery, but you want to make sure there are no clumps

For toppings we used

½ banana sliced

A few strawberries

A sprinkle of chia seed

1 ½ TSP cacao nips

Homemade Granola

** for the granola we substituted the coconut oil for unsalted butter and didn’t add any nuts

Naan with avocado and olive

What you’ll need:


**The naan we make is also used in the Mediterranean board mentioned bellow. It makes a relatively large batch and and you can put extras in the fridge and toast it whenever you need it.

Mash half an avocado and place on the toasted naan

Chop 3 kalamata olives and sprinkle over the avocado and enjoy!


Mediterranean Board

What you’ll need:

Homemade naan

Homemade humus

1 Red Bell Pepper Sliced

1 Orange Bell Pepper Sliced

1 Large English Cucumber Sliced

1 Large Bunch of Radish Sliced

1 Handful Cherry Tomatoes Halved

3 Large Carrots Shaved and Sliced into Sticks

Kalamata Olives

Winter Citrus Salad

I’ve shared this recipe before but I will link it again here!

Mediterranean Salad

What you’ll need:

Romaine lettuce

Mozzarella Balls


Cherry tomatoes


Balsamic Dressing

** to make the dressing first put some olive oil in a small bowl and then add balsamic and some honey. Stir until mixture is mostly combined. Salt and pepper to taste.

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