A Weekend in Walla Walla

Who knew Wine Country was in Washington!

This past weekend my best friend and I went with her family out to Walla Walla Washington to explore the wine country. None of us had ever been out there and boy where we in for a treat. For Erika and I, the drive is only about two and a half hours which could easily be made into a day trip but we ended up turning it into an overnight trip which was even better!

If you haven’t been out to Walla Walla you would probably never know that they have the cutest little downtown area with tasting room after tasting room. They are also home to Whitman College and ironically I ran into one of my sorority sisters who was also visiting!

Since this was our first time visitng, we wanted to hit as many spots as possible so we had an itinerary! Unfortunately, we didn’t really stick to it but that’s okay because it at least gave us an idea of places to go around town! We find that making an itinerary is super helpful when visiting new places that way you dont miss out on anything you really want to do!

Anyway, we got town on Saturday around 1 p.m. checked into the Hamptons Inn & Suits which was actually very clean and appeared to be recently updated which was a huge perk! We then set out with full intent to hit as many tasting rooms as possible. We ended up only going to Bledsoe Family Winery and Charles Smith Wines but we also got to enjoy some nice warm sunshine! We ended the night at an amazing French restaurant that transported you to a different place. I ventured out of my comfort zone and tried both oysters and escargot and it was life changing!

On Sunday we grabbed some breakfast downtown and then set forth to Waterbrook Winery which was out of this world beautiful! If you are planning a weekend trip out here Waterbrook Winery is an absolute must!

The entire time I was just envisioning how beautiful it would be to have your wedding there or better yet your bachelorette party/weekend! I think it is so crazy that we have our own little wine country out here in Eastern Washington! If you are looking for a slightly less expensive weekend getaway this is the place for you!

Did I mention another huge perk about visiting wineries or even tasting rooms in Walla Walla is that almost all of them are kid friendly so you can bring your little ones with you! I think one of the biggest worries people with kiddos have is will my kids be able to come with or do we need them to stay home with family or even a babysitter. In Walla Walla you don’t have to worry about any of that because everything is so family friendly!

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