Why I Love Supergoop!

I started getting really into skincare about a year ago. I realized you only have one body so why not take good care of it. With that being said, it is so important to wear an everyday sunscreen and finding the perfect one can be difficult so… let’s talk sunscreen!

A few months back while on vacation in Hawaii I found the holy grail of sunscreens. No I don’t mean the kind that smells like your going to the beach, I mean hands down, the best e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y sunscreen. Insert Supergoop! To be fair, my best friend actually found one of the products so I can’t take full responsibility for the discovery but boy am I sure glad she introduced me.

I bought both the unseen sunscreen (which was recommended by my best friend) and the daily cc cream and let me tell you, I actually enjoy wearing “makeup” now! The unseen sunscreen is so smooth and silky when you put it on, it feels almost like a primer but its sunscreen. The best part is, you actually can use it as a primer which cuts out a step and product from your routine. The cc cream is so light you don’t even feel like like you have anything on your skin. It gives you an amazing glow, its fairly full coverage and stays on all day, plus it has SPF.

I will say, I wear the cc cream way more often since I typically want a bit of coverage but I absolutely love using the unseen sunscreen on days when I truly don’t wear any makeup. As for the cc cream, right now I wear the light/medium shade since I have some color from the sun. They have four shades and I plan on using the light or even mixing light with the light/medium as we head into the fall. Previously I used the Bobbi Brown foundation which is amazing but definitely more matte, if you are into the dewy look than you should try this cc cream. I truly can not recommend a product more, I absolutely love the way that the Supergoop! cc cream blends and feels on my skin, not to mention I love everything the brand stands for.

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