My honest first impression of Trufusion

I don’t know about you but I love trying new workouts! For me, being in a class setting is way more motivating than going to the gym and trying to workout on my own. There is just something about the energy you get from those working out around you. One of my best friends has been going to Trufusion for a few months now and has had only amazing things to say about it so I figured, why not give it a shot. I think one of the best parts about the Trufusion in our area is that it’s in the mall which is super easy for a lot of people to get to.

To give you a little background Trufusion was started in 2013 out of Las Vegas. They currently have fifteen different studios in eight different states. The room is 95 degrees and you sweat before the warm up even begins.

We went to the hot pilates class which is much more of a HIIT workout in a super hot room but let me tell you, I have been sore for the past two days. A few things you need to know, bring a yoga mat, yoga towel and sweat towel from home. Before the class starts you grab your weights of choice, a black band and a yoga block. The class is an hour and has a warm up/cool down, three cardio songs, arms, abs and booty. The cardio section is tons of jumping jacks, burpee’s, and running/jumping in place. I think the cardio section was the most challenging from the standpoint of heat but the booty was by far the most challenging with the black band.

My honest opinion on Trufusion is that it is a super good workout, it is definitely different and I was a little thrown off since the hot pilates class was nothing like pilates but I felt like I got a really good workout and I also loved that I was sore for a few days after. I would definitely recommend trying Trufusion if there is a studio close to you! Not to mention your first class is free and they have a 30 day for 30 dollar package which is another great option to see if you like any of the other classes they have as well.

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