Pumpkin Patch

Happy Monday Everyone!

I love Mondays! I am typically the person that always schedules all of my classes for as early as possible… but unfortunately that did not work out for me this semester! I actually dont even start class until 2, on the bright side I only have two classes so it really isn’t that bad. Anyways the point is I have a lot of free time in the mornings so I decided to give you a look into what I did this weekend!

On Saturday my two best friends and I decided to drive over to Spokane to spend the day in the “city”. We went to the most adorable little donut shop ever called Hello Sugar (check out the cute pics!) I mean even that packaging was perfect!

After we where in a full sugar coma we decided to drive out to Walter Fruit Ranch which is this super cute apple picking farm/ pumpkin patch we have been going to since freshman year (so 3 years now! How crazy!!!)

After a full day of exploring Spokane we decided we did couldn’t come all this way here and not go shopping, am I right?! So we ran over to Nordstrom Rack and Home Goods and by the time we finish we where STARVING.

All three of us are from the Seattle area and if you are, you probably know about this food place.. Ezell’s. In Spokane there. is. an. Ezell’s. Famous. Chicken. Yes you heard me right! Ezell’s Famous Chicken is only the best fried chicken I have ever eaten! AND they have one in Spokane, its amazing! We ate an entire family back that is suppose to feed 6 people.. I can honestly say I have never eaten faster. Keep in mind its like 4:30pm so we have been in Spokane basically all day and all we had eaten was mini donuts and fried chicken. After we finished eating we had that freshly stuffed thanksgiving feast feeling (felt like I was in a food coma) so naturally I made everyone go into target with me to walk around since we clearly needed to get the blood flowing after we ate so much!

Our last stop of the day was Trader Joes. Luckily this time we only had to stock up for one week since we will be home this weekend. But by the time we left Trader Joes the sun was setting and I swear I am partially night blind so driving a whole 73 miles in the dark was terrifying. Once we finally made it home we had to carry all of our purchases up three flights of stairs, which might not seem very difficult but it is actually so hard.

Since our Saturday was so taxing, we decided not to leave the house at all yesterday (Sunday) and it was amazing! We always spend Sundays making a big breakfast and doing all of our laundry in preparation for the week! Now its Monday at 11:45 I’m sitting at home just out of the shower trying to get ready for the day! Wish me Luck!


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